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Official Aftermath Server Rules - Lucy Lu - 04-28-2016

[Image: d8u1u9F.png]

[Image: nwE3HOg.png]

* The minimum age for the community is 14 years old.

* We do not accept people who have a VAC ban under 2 years old.  Any VAC bans two years or older will be judged case by case.

* Racism, sexual harassment or any other form of harassment will not be tolerated.

* We expect all of our members to be mature and polite to other members, bullying will not be tolerated.

* You may have 4 attempts at the application process in total.

* Any exploiting, dupeing or use of 3rd party software will result in a permanent ban from our community.

* Please use your forum name and character name when on teamspeak.  [Forum name - Character name]

* Copy and pasting the rules into your application will result in your application being rejected.

* When you are playing on the Aftermath server you must use your characters first and last name only.  You may not include any titles, nicknames or tags.

[Image: h0Y38e1.png]

* Kill on sight outside of a PvP Zone is strictly forbidden on this server.  Killing another person should have a good roleplay reason behind it and follow the rule section entitled ‘Hostile Actions.’

* Landmines and tripwires can be set up in any military location however you must have a valid roleplay reason to do so and once you have activated the explosives you must wait with them for at least 45 minutes.  This time frame    does not apply if you are setting them up in your own settlement location.

* Shooting at vehicles is not allowed unless you have kill rights on the people inside of the vehicle.  Shooting at a vehicle without killrights will be considered as attempted KoS.

* Roadblocks are permitted however you must man your roadblock and once you are finished you must dismantle it.  If you have made a roadblock and a vehicle does not stop for this then this can be seen as fleeing from an initiation and you gain kill rights, the initiation lasts for 15 minutes.

* You can NOT take a member to a PvP Zone as a hostage or companion in order to gain KoS rights on them.

* You must be within the area of a PvP Zone before you can fire upon another member without following the rules of a firefight initiation.

[Image: cSOa0eX.png]

The map bellow shows the PvP Zone.  The zone starts from the north west edge of the map, from the tree line above the northern highway and follows said treeline until the city of Novo.

KoS is allowed in the PvP Zones however we ask that people remember that this is still a roleplay server.  Camping the PvP Zone and sniping anyone who moves all the time will be classed as bad roleplay and bad conduct.  Yes KoS is allowed but using these zones as a public PvP server is not.

ALL members and those wishing to be whitelisted on the server MUST read the following post - PvP Zones 101

[Image: kxuLu9i.png]

[Image: qiRFGAy.png]

[Image: ewriXGX.png]

* No hostile acts such as robbery and torture can be committed within the town

* Revenge kills can be carried out as long as they are roleplayed out first

* Attacking the town is not allowed UNLESS is is within 30 minutes of a hostile interaction, your target is still in the town and firefight initiation rules apply.

* If the town has been taken over by a group and you have a roleplay reason you may attack the town IF you have made something for the ‘In Character Information’ found HERE section of the forums so that people know to keep away and you MUST follow the firefight initiation rules.

[Image: 7HAEvad.png]

* Hostile acts happen apocalypse or not, they are allowed and you will more than likely encounter one yourself.

* Hostile actions can not be conducted within the safezone.  The only hostile action which can be carried out is revenge kill rights for robbery/torture and a direct threat on your life.  These kill rights must be roleplayed out.  (Please remember that any witnesses will gain 24 hour revenge rights on you and may carry them out if it makes sense to the roleplay and their character)

[Image: 5PsTIv7.png]

When robbing someone you must:
* Ensure that your victim does not die.
* Leave your victim with enough food & water to get to the next food source.

You must not:

* Leave them in danger i.e handcuffed in the middle of a city.

[Image: AIEhlot.png]

You can torture your victim however you must ensure that your victim does not die from the torture.  Torture must comply with the rules section entitled ‘powergaming.’

[Image: zoUTfdA.png]

You can only kill a hostage when they fail to comply to a reasonable demand.

[Image: GSmC4qC.png]

* If someone makes a direct threat on your life you make take lethal force in order to protect yourself.
* Someone simply raising their gun can not be seen as a direct threat on your life.

[Image: 8xVrc2O.png]

To initiate on a person/group you must:

* You must have a valid reason for initiating a firefight.
* Firefights can be initiated from a maximum rage of 400 metres.
* Shoot a warning shot by your target's feet.
* Wait a reasonable time for your target to respond.
* If your target fights back you may kill your target
* If your target runs you may kill your target
* If your target surrenders you may not kill your target and must roleplay a hostage situation.

[Image: BeA4gX8.png]

If someone had committed a hostile act such as robbery or torture you gain kill rights on those people for 24 hours.

If someone has made a direct threat on your life you gain kill rights on them for 24 hours.  This applies to scenarios such as someone saying that they are going to kill you.

[Image: PFePvUe.png]

After committing a hostile act you must break line of site from those you committed the act against and wait at least 30 minutes before logging out.

[Image: IziPMOr.png]

* Aftermath prides itself on being a roleplay community.  We ask that all members priorities roleplay over ‘rule play.’  Those found to be ‘rule playing’ shall be dealt with accordingly.

* Text roleplay is not allowed on this server, all members are required to have a working microphone.

* You must not go out of character through VOIP.  If you need to go out of character please use the text chat and start it with either // or ooc

* You can not use a famous name on this server.

* ERP is not allowed on this server.

[Image: NrzybVv.png]

The use of knowledge gained from outside of the game and used in the game is called Metagaming.  Metagaming is strictly forbidden on this server.  Any information your character had must be gained through in character interactions.

* Teamspeak can NOT be used as a radio.

* When you are in a roleplay situation please ensure that your teamspeak is muted.

* When in game you must be on our teamspeak so that if we need to we can contact you quickly.

* Arranging to meet other players through teamspeak is allowed, however to reduce the amount of metagaming we ask that only a general area is given and not a specific location.

* You can not arrange to meet someone in a PvP Zone in order to gain KoS rights on them.

* When you are in game you may not watch other players streaming from the Aftermath server.

* When you are in a PvP zone you must ensure that teamspeak is muted.

* When in game you CAN NOT be on a second teamspeak.

* When playing on the server you MUST be on the official Aftermath teamspeak.  The ONLY form of communication you can use is in game VOIP.  You can NOT use any other voice communication or messaging platform.

* Websites and apps such as dayzdb, izurvive etc can NOT be used as in game information.

A more detailed guide on metagaming can be found HERE

[Image: if6MIBA.png]

Powergaming is when a player commits an act toward another player which would hinder their game playing experiences such as removal of a limb.  This is not allowed on this server unless the parties involved come to an agreement using //ooc chat in game.

This rule applies to all areas apart from the PvP Zones.

[Image: d4QghsZ.png]

When you have died a legitimate death your character shall remain dead.  Any knowledge you had on that character your next character WILL NOT HAVE.  This means you dont remember:
* Friends
* Settlements
* Locations of camps or survivors

If you feel the death of your character was unjust due to the death being a glitch or a direct rule violation please submit a report and a staff member shall deal with the case. 

Characters can not be put on hold.  Once you have started playing a character you must play that one until it dies.

Once your character has died a legitimate death you must create a new character, this means a new story, name and memories.

[Image: prlwYtr.png]

Official settlements are required to have at least two members.

If you decide to pick a town as your settlement location you must pick one particular building which will be where the 300 metre radius will be centred from.

An official settlement is allowed to protect its camp/settlement with explosives such as trip wires and landmines if they so wish to do so however this is at their own risk to their settlement members.

If you wish to protect your settlement with landmines and/or tripwires you may ONLY place them in your chosen settlement base and NOT the whole 300 metre radius.

A settlement can enforce their rules within a 300 metre radius of the centre of their official settlement location.

Official settlement locations can not be in military locations unless they are PvP Zones.

[Image: rgqwDq2.png]

You can not kill another member for having kuru.  (Laughing and twitching)

You can not kill another member for having human meat in their inventory unless your character has a way of identifying human meat apart from animal meat.

You can kill someone on the grounds of cannibalism if they:
* Admit to being a cannibal