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DayZ Server & Applications - Lucy Lu - 09-06-2017

Both myself and Ragingdane have come to the decision to close the DayZ server and whitelist applications.

* Whitelist applications are being closed with immediate effect.  
* The DayZ server will be paid for for until October 13th 2017

The server is not being closed due to finances or player numbers, it is being closed due to IRL changes.

We are not closing the community.  The website and teamspeak will still be staying so that everyone can keep sharing their streams, videos and other servers they may have.

This does not mean the DayZ server will never come back, it may come back one day but we can not make any guarantees on this.

If you are looking for somewhere to roleplay the only community I can recommend is DUG.  You can apply for their whitelist weekends HERE