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Aftermath Real Life Meet-Up Idea - Jutajazz - 09-01-2017

Aftermath Real Life Meet-Up June 2018

Hello everyone! As you know, Aftermath has hit its first year birthday not too long ago and throughout this year, the idea of an actual real life meet-up has been mentioned, with a bit more digging, we do have people that can organise it and an idea of where it’d be held.

There are of course some points that are set with the idea currently, some are subject to change over the course of time; they are:

  • There would be a gap of at least a year between the official announcement of the event and it being held in real life.
  • The location would have to be in England.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 would not be able to attend.
  • Would need volunteers to organise and help with the event.
  • Payment is made BEFORE you are booked in/given a place to stay. This will also be non-refundable due to us not being in-charge of said payment anymore.
  • Travel, food and other supply costs will not be covered. The group that will be organising this is only going to be in charge of booking fees and nothing else. In addition, no community member participating in this will be responsible for your finances.
  • A national park resort has been picked out for this meet-up. We are not interested in a big party or anything else. What we currently have in mind is a week or so of camping, traveling and other activities in said resort. Any additional activities you’d wish to experience, please share them and if anything, you can partake in them on your own time.
  • We are not making a summer-camp deal. You are your own person and we will help you with what we can, but we are not held responsible for you or your well-being. We want to have fun with this, and will set it up, nothing more.
So far, for this to actually happen, I need people to inbox me to help organise this, preferably from England. If we get enough people involved, I'll post regular updates and Q&As on TS. Yet again, if there will not be dedicated support towards this idea, it will be scrapped.

Please share your thoughts and ideas about this, if you’d be willing to participate. I will create another thread in the future depending on the response to this one and it will be added to over time.

Again, this is just an idea, nothing is set and is subject to change.

RE: Aftermath Real Life Meet-Up Idea - Lucy Lu - 09-02-2017

I vote we take Fancy upto the hills and bury him alive ^^

RE: Aftermath Real Life Meet-Up Idea - McFluffy - 09-03-2017

I'll show up

RE: Aftermath Real Life Meet-Up Idea - HillBllyWsperer - 09-05-2017

(09-02-2017, 10:00 AM)Lucy Lu Wrote: I vote we take Fancy upto the hills and bury him alive ^^


RE: Aftermath Real Life Meet-Up Idea - Kat - 09-21-2017

Sounds cool ! Perhaps I'll show up ! Smile