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0.63 - BETA HYPE! - Lucy Lu - 08-29-2017

Video sourced from M1NDR's Youtube channel

RE: 0.63 - BETA HYPE! - tigermonk - 09-03-2017

(08-29-2017, 02:38 PM)Lucy Lu Wrote:

Video sourced from M1NDR's Youtube channel

this guy has the same vid but with comments...

don't get ur hopes up peeps... exp prob. in november... :S 
and like all true dayz updates: after beta comes out everything WILL BE SO MUCH FASTER up to 1.0... 

erm.. eugene? DUH... if beta becomes a thing and modding becomes a thing... the community takes over and half ur work will be done for you LOL XD
We want X... (200.000 votes) 2 weeks later... tadaa all zeds now have sparkly pink dots on their ass and fart rainbows when you kill them!! Grin

why? because you WANTED it to be so... that is why...

we want arma 3 choppers added because JUST a LB is shit... 
4 weeks later... here you go... dayz heli MOD by Russian XYZ including all helicopters from arma 2/3 and dayz MOD