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a hello from absent - graipyy420 - 08-20-2017

well hello to all my aftermath mother lovers.

as you have witnesed on aftermath, team speak and steam (if ur on my friends list) i have be very absent on pc and our community for some time now. here are some reasons.

1. i just had a baby
2. i started working at a hotel.resort
3. my xbox 1 has gotten alot of attention and money 
4. dayz is less and less appealing to me as time wears on.
5. the time i have to game which is less and less leaves me to little to no want to play much on my computer as most of my games require that i spend hours upon hours on them.

with that said. i must tellyou this. though i may have a wife a newborn son a jobim good at. there are many things i am going through. personal shit i wont post. but i am working through. i miss all my friends at after math. i truly do. 

not long ago i took it upon my self to become event team and help our staff with events. well after my two event bases being raided and only scraps to work with. i have not been on or wanted to go on dayz at all. so with that being said. i sadly wish to resign from event team. also for the near future i can not take part in any events or help with them.

though i will pop in and out of youre existence from now and then. i would like to personally thank a few people in this community.

beardman. me and you have gamed for years now. you turned me this community  a year next month now. our friendship is and this community is the only reason i have played dayz at all. the things we shared and talked about foolish or serious will not be forgotten (unless i cant remember) i wish to game more with u soon.

greenman. my dayz baby. though as of late your abensce has been much a kin to my own. you have become one f my greatest online friends. my lacko f skill to insurgencey is all your fault. u british hippy fuck. much love.

scotsman. me and you have had some sort of an online "thing" we have talked teased and confused one another and many listeners to conversations my wife would be more so mad at then confused but mostly confused. alas i give you thanks for some of the things we have talked about in great detail.

crinshaw: ur my bitch. im ur daddy. bow to me and dont forget to smile at the little things u young blooded but wise fuck.

lucey,dane,juta,fire,cybor and knight (you mainlander cunt) i want to thank you guys not only the monsterous amounts of effort you lot put into keeping this place alive and thriving. but for the welcoming and actual give a fuck attiude you have for your members. you create not just a haven for people to come game. you reate a realm of realms for people to escape in. ive made and lost friends here. and all the expeirances ive had (any decent ones) on dayz and many games i never thought i own becuz of some cheeky cunt saying hey this game is better way better then that one you should buy this.... is becuz you lot have made a actual thriving community.and for that you deserve a hug a pint and respect.

for all you other dick heads. from all over the world. the ones who come on every day to those who just have a small appearnce now and then. im not going to name names. or prod my finger into ur ass and linger in the smell and remember you. so dont get offended. unless you are and if so.... welcome to aftermath get used to it. im not saying goodbye. i just think its time for some real thanks in what really makes a community. and to everyone and even the newbies who go oh teamspeaks dead ill check in a day or two. we all make this community what it is. somewhere we can be real and have a laugh and shoot not only the shit but each other.

(and yes i have had many a drink)
ps. your not getting rid of me. im just in the shadows.