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The Next Event - A Bit of Background - Lucy Lu - 08-05-2017

As we've already said the next event is going to be based on the current time in game.  A background to the event will be up on the website when some in game roleplay has been done.

We can tell you a little bit about it now.  As you all know for 2 weeks in the year people can apply to revive an old character, the last one was in June.  This event will include some of the characters which were revived.  If you were not on the server when these characters were around or want to jog your memory on them then these two posts will help.

The two posts are a part of the 'Official Server Lore' so they can be used in your character's backstory if you wish.  They can not be used for vengeance or kill rights but for a basic 'I've heard of them, they are....' kinda thing.  If you are unsure of something then please do not hesitate to ask.