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Alucard's Return - Alucard - 06-17-2017

Hello lads! 
It's been quite awhile, I had fallen ill and unable to play as much as I used to. Even though I'm not in the memory of many here, I hope to make myself at home once more, I intend to bring in some new role-play and many stories both on the forums and in game! I look forward to seeing you all, I hope you accept me back with open arms! 

RE: Alucard's Return - Gustav - 06-17-2017

Welcome back!

RE: Alucard's Return - Lucy Lu - 06-17-2017

[Image: 2.gif]

RE: Alucard's Return - Mr Beardman - 06-17-2017

Welcome Back to Aftermath

RE: Alucard's Return - Alucard - 06-17-2017

I appreciate the welcomes greatly!