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0.62 hitting stable today. - Lucy Lu - 06-07-2017

With the release of 0.62 there has been a complete hive wipe meaning that camps and characters have been wiped.  There is some important information which we would like to provide for everyone within the Aftermath community.

Anyone who was on a tempban and was required to come on for an interview will NOT be interviewed on the day of the patch release.  The staff team will be busy watching the logs to ensure people are having a nice experience on the server and preparing their characters for the safezone that they will be putting their time into for members to enjoy.

The new life rule is STILL in place.  There will be no amnesty in place, killing yourself for a better spawn is not allowed.  Our staff team are active at looking at the bellow are the most common issues which occur when a new patch is released.
* Killing yourself for a better spawn location.  This is not allowed, logging on, killing yourself and simply changing your name will not be tolerated.
* Going to a PvP Zone and being killed will be classed as a legitimate death, your character will remain dead and you will have to make a completely new character so think twice before all logging on and making a B line to north west airfield.
* Finding a glitch and testing it to see if it will occur again will not be tolerated, if you die from a glitch please file a report and a member of staff will deal with it.  If you want to try and replicate it/test it out then please join a public server.
* ALL glitch deaths must be reported using the report form.  You can do this by clicking ‘report’ at the top of the website.  If you do not report your glitch 

PvP Zones.  
* The PvP Zone will not be removed, there locations have not changed and if you die there the new life rules will apply to your death. 
* Please remember that this is a roleplay server, if you come across someone then your first thought you be about how you can safely interact with them and not how you can kill them.
* Killing someone just for gear is NOT allowed.  All kills in the PvP Zone must have a very good roleplay reason behind them.

* Please do not actively avoid roleplay.  Roleplay should always be a priority over gear.  Seeing someone but ignoring them for no reason but wanting to get to a heli crash or a military area before anyone else will not be tolerated. * Should anyone actively avoid you without a good roleplay reason then please file a report and the staff team shall deal with it.
* There will be no story to the wipe and it will not be included in the server lore.  You may roleplay this out however you wish.  Many people ignore the wipe completely, it is perfectly understandable that your character would go to the beach without heavy equipment.