Aftermath DayZRP

Full Version: Ok so now the bus stations kinda creepy
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Every where its goddamn creepy... i played for 4 hours straight today... im still shaking... i was alone, with sounds up to 100%... scared shitless.
Then i got swarmed by wolves so i ran and killed em with a revolver.
Then guess what... got swarmed by zombies so i trapped em inside a firestation... over 11 zeds... 11 !
then my heart stopped so i had to stop playing for a bit Grin new patch does its job very well !
Night time is the best. The lighting combined with the new sounds and graphics gives me the shivers. I love how when it's dark its actually DARK now and not just a bit 'duller' like before Grin
yeah its weird.Up at kamensk millitary theres a underground chamber full of dead bodies,